After weeks of work and study, there comes the time for fun and joy. And for this occasion we would like to present some propositions that will help our guests ‘escape from everyday affairs’ and to relax.

We organize:

  • bonfires, barbecues, picnics
  • occasional events
  • integration events for schools and workplaces.

We give at your disposal: 2 places where you can organise a bonfire; a large barbecue and roofed shelter with seats and dance floor for about 100 people. This building complex is a discreet place for social gatherings. Moreover, we also offer a room with a fireplace, which can accommodate about 40 people. We provide full organizational service and catering.


Special offer for companies:

For many years we have been organizing outdoor picnics, thus we have a lot of experience. One hectare of green and fenced area nearby the city centre, in a peaceful neighbourhood is a perfect site to spend one’s free time. At your request we provide a number of attractions even for 700 people:

  • the overall preparation (benches, tables, sunshades), decorations and securing the area
  • gastronomical facilities and service
  • technical support, sound and media service at the event (announcer)
  • music band or electronic/mechanical music
  • rich artistic program, games and competitions with prizes
  • magic shows, clowns performances, knights contests, martial arts, etc
  • “Face painting” for children
  • bungee trampoline, inflatable castles and slides, cordless toy cars, quads, carousels, rodeo bulls
  • and many other attractions on our Guests’ request.